On track

First day in the new job. LittleOne has Hands foot and mouth, which is an obscure virus spreading uncomfortable red spots on those areas, common in nurseries and unknown to other human beings… so L is staying home after having spent the night writing a paper AND looking after LittleOne, and I left at 7am to be at work before 9am. I’m happy to start something new, sad to leave my blessed part-time arrangements (although I’m aware that 30 hours per week is full time for many. I think everyone should work 30h/w) and I really really really hope that I will like this new place and things at home will work out well.



LittleOne had a bad cold which came with wheezes (“viral wheezes”) and he ended up in hospital a couple of weeks ago. We don’t know at this stage if he will develop asthma, he still needs his inhaler about once a day. The day L took him to the hospital, I was working in London and I got delayed due to some issue with the trains. I was more than 2 hours away and I got this text saying that the GP had sent them to A&E, and the station where I was was closed for an hour. I arrived at 9pm and went straight to spend half the night at the hospital with LittleOne, while L went to take a rest. When he arrived at the hospital, he was given oxygen, and he got better quite soon: by the time I arrived he was being monitored but OK. At 2.30am we were sent home. Luckily it was a warm night, and LittleOne was super-excited to take a taxi home in the middle of the night. Now if I say “we have to go to the doctor”, he goes “taxi?”. Pallino in the meantime was only too happy to have his first sleepover ever with a schoolmate. And I felt so grateful for these people who went to pick him up at the hospital and kept him with them until the morning. So overall it went well, there’s just a lot of anxiety about it all in our hearts.

Feeling down this weekend. We went to watch The Incredibles 2 on Saturday morning, when we left the cinema it was cold and I wasn’t prepared. We ended up arguing, we aren’t in a good place right now. But the movie is great, I’ll buy the DVD to watch it again and actually hear the dialogues.


I have a new job!!! I had been looking for a while (well, years really), but not very actively, since LittleOne was too young and I was too tired and I had too many constraints. However I saw the opening on LinkedIn and I decided to try. I subscribed to the LinkedIn Premium free trial, and watched the training courses on how to prepare for interviews, negotiate an offer etc and did my best to apply the advice. Well, it worked! I will keep doing the same job I’m doing now, but at a more senior level, so I will have more responsibility and more work, and that’s what I want. They have agreed that I can work from home part of the week (I have to commute to London to go to the office, it will be about 30 minutes walk to get to the station and 1 hour with a direct train), so hopefully there won’t be much difference for the family. It will be challenging, but I’m so excited 🙂 I will start in November.


Summer is over, the temperature dropped (but today is a glorious sunny day!) and school started last week, which means we now have a routine again, hurray!

After the week in Crete, we got the results of LittleOne’s allergy testing, and it was all negative, so the dietitian told us to eliminate dairy from his diet. He felt much better straight away, only his skin was still a bit dry in some areas and we eliminated soya as well. Now he’s on an oat drink, and other dairy and soya free foods, like rice cakes, oat biscuits etc. It was a bit challenging at first to find suitable snacks, as most biscuits, rice cakes etc. contain milk or soya or just traces due to manufacturing. He took very well to the change, and eats everything with the usual enthusiasm! His skin is always sensitive, but he’s fine.

He’s 18 month old and he’s learning lots of new words all the time, and he’s more and more interactive and understands everything. And he’s very very sweet. He’s also quite decisive, especially when he needs to be heard by Pallino… he needs to be stronger to deal with his brother! He like to eat on his own and to take his time. His favourite thing is cars and taxis and buses: you can show him a beautiful garden, talk about the flowers and butterflies… and he looks at the cars parked on the street nearby and his face lights up! He’s also learning about Batman and other superheroes, because that is Pallino’s thing, and he likes Peppa Pig and George (they are just like Pallino and LittleOne!), and a cartoon called Brum, who is a little car that goes around and helps people. Yes, this summer he’s watched quite a lot of TV episodes. Now that school started, they don’t watch TV during school days (not on my watch, at least).

Pallino is happy to go to school, his teacher is sweet and his classmates are nice (so far). He’s having some problems with reading, but it’s early days, so I’m waiting to see how it goes before saying anything more. This summer he spent a week on his own in Italy with his grandparents, and it went very well. I rested a bit, he had a good time and they were happy (tired, at the end, but they loved it). He’s so grown up now… He’s started to dress himself in the morning, although he does need reminding and not always is happy to do it, while we still have trouble getting him to brush his teeth. He’s been camping with G, they went to a makers festival and he loved it! He wants to be an inventor and that place was full of inventors like him! My little geek 🙂

I’d like to write more about them, or I’ll forget, but I have to work now.