Day 10

Here I am, counting down to the day of egg collection (-3) and feeling more and more anxious… everything is being ok so far, yesterday I had my third scan, and tomorrow morning it’s the last scan before the trigger injection.

My husband has been fantastic until now, but I see that the pressure is getting to him as well… My plan for today is: go for a long walk to distract myself a bit, then maybe cinema this afternoon, and try and see some friends at the weekend. Anything to let this three days pass without thinking too much.


6 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. I’ve never heard of a trigger shot for egg collection? How does your clinic retrieve the eggs? Just curious because I start my IVF in the next month or two! My clinic plans to suck the eggs right off of my swollen ovaries. At least they put you out for it! 🙂

    • Hi Evelynn, it’s the same, but 33-39 hours before the collection there is another medicine to take, on top of the others… so it’s going to be 4 injections for me tomorrow :S (the idea is that you need to make the eggs mature to the right level before you collect them, so they tailor the dose you need to take based on your hormone level day by day) – good luck to you too!!

      • Wow, four injections in one night? Where do you find enough stomach room for that? I had problems injecting two in one night and not causing severe bruising or irritation. It’s worth it though! Good luck and I’m very excited for you!

      • I’m doing them on the thighs, so no probs with space… and luckily I’m not having any irritation… let’s see what happens in the next few days!

      • I could not get up the nerve to use the thighs. Just thinking about it now makes me feel queasy. You’d think it would be the other way around? I’m glad you do not have any irritation. The Ganirilex always got me.

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