+1 & news from the embryologist

…good news: 7 out of 10 eggs fertilized!!!! They booked me in for the transfer on Friday, but if they think we can wait until day 5, they’ll call me in the morning to put it off until Sunday… I still can’t believe it, we’ll still in the game!

Now I know that hopes are higher and disappointment will be even harder to control if it doesn’t work, plus also my parents and my in-laws keep saying that “they feel everything will be fine”, which scares me, but I want to enjoy these few days of relative calm and positive feelings… whatever is the outcome, I think we couldn’t do more than what we’ve done, considering everything else that’s happening in our lives.

Today I was fine, I haven’t had any pain or bleeding, I was only feeling slightly bloated and got tired more easily than usual. We went out for a hour walk and then went food shopping and when we came back it was mid afternoon; I went to take a nap, and when I woke up it was past 9pm!

I also noticed this morning that my cheeks were pink and a bit warm, I wonder if it’s the progesterone? Anyway that’s good, I’m usually quite pale and this color suits me better šŸ™‚




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