+5 & embryo transfer

All good so far… this morning we went to the hospital and found out that only one embryo was of good quality, so we agreed to transfer that one only. Tomorrow they’ll tell me if we can freeze at least one of the others – not ideal to freeze only one, but can I say no if that happens? I guess I’ll follow their recommendation.

It really was like a smear test, plus they gave us a little framed printout of the embryo… weird. Anyway, I feel good, the only problem I had this week is constipation… the doctor said is due to the progesterone making the tissues less elastic, so I’ll have to deal with it! he suggested that I take glycerin suppositories if I need.

After a few minutes I was out, and it was a very nice day, so we walked to Westminster and went to Mass there, to pray in the Cathedral. I’ve been in London for almost 8 years and I can’t remember an August like this, I’ve been so lucky having to spend time at home right now with this glorious weather! Usually it’s all miserable and wet by now…

They told me I can do everything as normal in the next two weeks, so the plan is to go back to work and try and take it easy… although I have decided to change job and I’ll have to discuss with my line manager… but not yet, tomorrow is a bank holiday and I can still relax!

I think my husband is going to be more anxious now that I have to travel for work again and he can’t look after me every day… I work 75 miles from home, so during the week I’m away. But only for a couple of months now! I’ll miss him so much…



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