Back to work

Yesterday the embryologist called me with the news that only one embryo was suitable for freezing. She said it was of good quality and in 95% of cases if will come back as fresh if we want to use it later on… So we should be able to have another chance if needed, that’s good!

And today it was the first day back in the office… I’ve been away three weeks, but nobody noticed as most of them were on holiday anyway.

I had a discussion with my boss and he was really nice as usual, not surprised that I’m leaving since he knew I was too far from home and I’m sure he expected that I would go at the first chance and also he knew about the treatment… I need to keep busy for the next two months though, I don’t like getting bored and I want to leave a good memory of me! Also, I don’t want to have too much time to think this week, or I’ll start daydreaming of my possible baby… Unfortunately it looks like summer is over, but maybe it’s not too bad, since I have to spend most of the day in the office!


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