And finally the day has come for me to pee on that stick… and it was… positive!!!!
I still can’t believe it… I haven’t told my family or anyone else yet, well apart from booking an appointment with my GP, and it feels so weird to write it… I think I need to have the scan before I can believe it. So it’s two weeks more, right? In the meantime… YEAHHHHHHH OHMYGOD!!!!! Ok, I’ll stop writing and start breathing again 🙂


8 thoughts on “Speechless

    • Actually the clinic suggested that I do a test at home, but never mentioned the betas… It seems strange, since all of you have to do the blood tests, but there has been little differences in the protocols here and there… I guess I’ll follow the directions I was given, and we’ll see what happens at the scan! Fingers crossed and hope you’re feeling better today!!!

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