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[5 weeks]  Today I had the appointment with my GP. The only purpose of it was to ask me to which hospital I want to be referred to, so that they can arrange the antenatal care, but also if I had any questions. And I had many, of course… unfortunately her answers were all completely useless and I left feeling worried for nothing and in a very bad mood! There’s probably an element of me being in a bad mood because of my hormones, but she was supposed to be the one qualified to handle a patient, right?

Well, the questions that made me angry were what I can take for the constipation, and she said I can take lactulose if I need. That’s ok, but to buy it I need a prescription, and I found that out only when I went to the pharmacy and they didn’t sell it to me. Luckily it hasn’t been too bad in the last couple of days, so maybe I won’t need anything after all. Surely the GP didn’t help though.

I also asked what I can take if I have a migraine. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I need to take something immediately otherwise the migraine can last for two-three days and I feel really bad. She said I can take paracetamol, but it’s better to avoid anything else. Not very helpful, since I know that paracetamol doesn’t help at all with migraine.

The other question was if it’s safe to travel by flight at this stage, since I have a baptism in Italy on Saturday and my husband is going to be the godfather, so I don’t really want to miss it. She said there might be some risk of miscarriage due to the lower oxygen in the airplane but not very high – she wasn’t able to quantify this risk though. Well I looked in the NHS website and apparently it’s absolutely safe to take a flight in the early pregnancy, if I feel well and want to go. It might be uncomfortable if I feel sick or have a blocked nose, but the flight itself will not harm the baby in any way. Plus it’s a short flight, so I don’t even have to worry about blood circulation and the like. Other medical website confirmed all this.

It was nothing serious really, I realize I overreacted and I will ask about the medicines again when I go to the hospital for my scan, but the fact is I need to keep being active otherwise I go crazy, and feeling always tired in this period is not helping because I end up watching TV on the sofa and not doing anything at all!

Writing helped me, I feel better now: I’ll go out for a walk. It is going well, I only need to learn how to relax. And thanks Google for answering my questions this time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thanks Google

  1. I get migraines too and paracetamol is a joke for them. My strategy (when possible) is going to be to take benadryl (which is pregnancy safe) and just try to sleep them off. Many times if I can go to sleep before they get bad when I wake up they’ll be gone. I also have a flight when I’ll be 8 weeks and I’m not worried. Husband is a pilot and says there’s nothing that can harm a pregnancy on an airplane. Even at later stages they only limit flying because they don’t want you going into labor on the plane!

    Look forward to following you since we’re at about the same point in our pregnancies!

    • Thanks, that’s reassuring, surely your husband is more competent on this subject! For the migraine, I’ll ask next week at the hospital, when I go to sleep with a migraine it doesn’t pass…

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