Here comes the rain again…

(7 weeks) It started raining yesterday and hasn’t stopped since… I’m always very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and I’ve already caught a cold, which means I cannot sleep because of a blocked nose 😦

I’m still feeling tired often, especially in the afternoon/evening, plus last week I’ve started feeling queasy… and all this is making me nervous! And I’ve got another week to wait before the next scan.

If only I could stay home and look after myself…. but I have to travel to work, and stay away from home 2-3 nights a week, and then we have to move in November and I’m so scared of this… I’m normally good at facing changes, but I was never able to deal with doctors and hospitals, and now it’s all happening at the same time. Hopefully next week I will have some good news and that will help me.


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