A lucky day

The scan on Monday went well!! the baby is 15mm long now and the heart beats normally… it was so exciting and weird…

I still think that when this started I never thought we would actually get to this point, and I’m so grateful for the support I had from all your comments and wishes, I hope so much that you can be happy! 

I had the first appointment with the midwife as well; she took lots of blood and told me they won’t send me the results, unless there is something wrong. Two days have passed and I haven’t heard anything, although I expect I will have low iron at some point…

The same day I also had my telephone interview, and that went well too! it must have been a lucky day, I should have played some kind of lottery! it was with a consultancy, and the interviewer was the operations manager, a woman. We talked for about half an hour, and a hour later I received a call from the recruitment manager asking if I wanted to meet them for an interview in their office – today.

So now I’ve just come back from the interview, and I feel very very tired. I wore a suit I bought a few months ago, and luckily still fits (I had to leave a bottom of the trousers undone, but it wasn’t visible).  It went well I think, they were nice people and told me they will let me know as soon as tomorrow or early next week. I haven’t told them I’m pregnant though, I want to see if they are interested first and then maybe negotiate the starting date – now or in a year? Is that fair? I don’t really know how to deal with this, but I don’t know yet whether they will actually offer me anything. Anyway, it’s the first interview I got in my area and the field I’m interested in, so I’m happy I had at least a chance!



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