Bittersweet success

[9 weeks 3 days] I caught a cold. Again. Did I say this is my weak point? -_-

So today I’m at a home, slightly queasy, with a blocked nose (and no, the saline nasal spray that’s good even for a baby is NOT the same as my dear Vicks Sinex), and a headache.

I haven’t received the appointment for my next scan from the hospital. The midwife told me not to call, since the scan is booked on her referral, but I haven’t heard from anyone since last Monday. I’d like to go and visit my parents, but I can’t book any flight unless I know when it is! Plus, I’m anxious to know if everything is fine, and not having a date makes it worse.

On the plus side, the job interview was a success! They called me the day after, offering me the job and I was over the moon… until I spoke with my husband and he was not very happy, since he was looking forward to moving and having the opportunity to change job and work colleagues. So now I’ve asked for a few days to think about it, and I guess we’ll spend the weekend thinking over and over the pros and cons of each choice. There’s no good for me in having a good job and an unhappy husband, so although I’d prefer to accept that offer, I’m ready to leave if that’s the only way he feels good. I’m going to be at home for the most part of next year anyway, and I cannot predict what the job market will look like in a year or two, but at some point I’m sure I would find another job. Even this, as most things in life, has a bittersweet taste.

I’ve decided to start telling people about the pregnancy. The doctor when we had the last scan said that if everything is fine at 8 weeks, there are very good chances not to miscarry. Generally the first scan is at 12 weeks, and that is why people wait until then to talk about it openly. But for us is a different story altogether, so why not share the good news! Another reason is that with me leaving my job at the beginning of November, I won’t see these people after the first trimester… this way they know why I’m acting a bit weird.

I’ve told very few about the IVF as well, and this triggered some interesting stories on their part… some colleagues told me that they know they might have problems conceiving and asked many questions, other told me they know friends who are going through infertility treatments at the moment… it was good to be able to talk about it.

My husband found another novel on IVF: “Baby Steps: a bloke’s-eye view of IVF”, by Jason Davis. I’ve read only the first few chapters and it seems really good – I’ll post a proper review of this and the other one I mentioned a few weeks ago, “The 2WW”, in a couple of days.
Happy weekend everyone!!


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