Week 11 update

It took me a while to sit down and write another post, but I was down with a cold for about a week and now my husband has got the cold… also, I’ve got the last two weeks at work and when I came back from sickness leave I found everyone waiting for me like I was the savior of the company… more simply, they don’t want to put anyone else on the project I was working on and this means I need to finish what I was doing and leave everything ready for someone else to pick up whenever is needed. Not so easy, considering that my motivation is going lower every day and that what is left to do is the most difficult things! Well, I said I’m available until next Friday and I’ll do my best, but I’m not going to stress out for this reason. In theory, at least.

I’m at week 11 and I’ve been quite well, apart from the cold. I had a few headaches, but not migraine anymore luckily. I can deal with a normal headache… I also had a few cramps but mild, and I gained a bra size, which is fantastic for me!! I haven’t bought any proper maternity clothes, because my dad wants to be the first one to buy me some and I’m going to visit them in two weeks (I can’t wait!!!!), but I’ve found a couple of very nice dresses on sale which are large on the waistline and for now are perfect.

The nuchal translucency scan is tomorrow… please please please let everything be fine

And finally an update on the job: it seems that I managed to convince my husband to stay in London, so I have accepted the job I was offered and we don’t need to relocate anymore!!! Joy!!!


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