A short holiday… at home

I’ve taken last week and this week off to relax a bit between jobs… so today I’ve been home and sorting out things I was putting off forever… it’s nice to see the world on a weekday for a change! Also we are trying to make space for another person in our little flat, which is fun but also quite difficult, since we only have a small room that we were using as a home office, and now we need to find some other space for the books and documents and convert the bookshelves into wardrobes… I kind of enjoy it though, I’m sure we will end up with a more efficient use of the space we have and eventually a nice cosy flat! I’m starting the new job next week, and I won’t have any day off for a few months, so I guess I should do anything I can now. This way I also don’t have too much time to think about the job, which is good, since I feel OK but the first couple of months will be hard for sure and I’m a bit scared…

Last week I went to visit my parents; it was so nice to be with them for a few days, especially my little sister, I miss her so much here! After 3 days, though, I was already fed up of the chaos everywhere and I started longing for my home, plus obviously I missed my husband… it was the right time to go back home. What I always admire at my parents place is their effort to renovate the house all the time: there is always something new, something “daring”. This time, my sister decided to refurbish her room from scratch. She is studying architecture, and that was sort of a pet project of hers. She dismantled all the old furniture, painted the walls some white and some red, and assembled parts from Ikea to her design. The room is big for one person (when she was a kid, it was three of us there!), so it’s perfect for this kind of “experiments”. Well, it was amazing! The details were not perfect, but overall a very nice atmosphere, young and modern. My mum was complaining about all the work they had to do, but I know she loves it too… When I think that my in-laws still keep their house exactly like when my husband left for the university, some 20 years ago (cathodic TV included)…

Pregnancy-wise, I’m in the 13th week now. I’ve had the NT scan last week but I haven’t had time to write about it because I had to travel to see my family… it was good, everything seems to be OK! I must say that maybe for the first time I was really moved by the tiny image on the screen, because we saw him/her moving, stretching the little legs and arms… it was the first time the baby actually looked… alive! It’s difficult to explain, and we had seen the heartbeat before, but now it suddenly appeared so much more real to me. My husband is still more cautious, I guess it’s harder for him to let go of all the anxiety, while maybe I’m helped by the hormones and tend to get more emotional!

The symptoms of the first trimester subsided, I still get tired a bit more easily than normal, but better then in the early days. Tomorrow I’m starting an antenatal yoga class, I hope I can start exercising again, so far I’ve been feeling too tired to do anything, and now it’s a good time to try again. Hopefully with the help of other pregnant women, I will be happy to do it. A little bump starts to show now, although it’s not very visible unless you know… When I was with my parents, they got me quite a few maternity clothes, even if I still don’t really need them, but my dad wanted to be sure he was the first one to buy maternity clothes for me, so… it was such a sweet thought!

Today I received a text from a person who encouraged me to try IVF at the beginning of this year: she had a baby through IVF 3 years ago and after that tried again but didn’t succeed. Now they decided to try another time and she had her embryo transfer on Saturday. I know she doesn’t read this blog, but I just want to wish her all the best and return all the good vibes she sent me at that time when I really needed a positive voice. Thanks, Rosi.


4 thoughts on “A short holiday… at home

  1. Thats great that your dad wanted to be the first to buy you clothes…I am seriously thinking about buying pants since mine are feeling a little tight in my 12th week

  2. Ciao! Grazie per la visita al mio blog 🙂 Ma lo sai che io adoro Londra? Ogni due – tre anni devo tornarci altrimenti sento troppa nostalgia… Quando ho finito di studiare avevo intenzione di trasferirmi lì insieme ad una mia amica (lei vive a Londra da ormai otto anni) ma poi, contrariamente a te, ho conosciuto il mio attuale marito qui, quindi, progetto bocciato! Sono felice di sapere che ce l’hai fatta con la PMA!! Spero tanto di farcela anch’io e di provare presto le tue stesse emozioni. In bocca al lupo per tutto, sia per la gravidanza che per il nuovo lavoro

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