Waiting patiently (almost)

Week 17 and all is good. I’m not sleeping much actually, regardless of how much I drink, I end up needing to go to the toilet at 2.30-3.00 at night and I can’t sleep again for hours… Also I had some quite bad back and shoulder pain last week, probably because of the pillow I was using: I woke up one day and could not move my right shoulder! After changing pillow, a massage every night done by my husband and a couple of days at work with a heat patch, now it’s gone back to almost normal. So last week I skipped the antenatal yoga class with all the ethereal women who seem perfectly confident of their birth arrangements, and stayed home watching TV. Not too bad 🙂
I went yesterday to the class though, and there were different people this time (the ethereal ones gave birth on their couch without a problem apparently – I wonder if this is a strategy not to scare us and make us think it could be like that but honestly I don’t quite believe it…) and some of the new girls are at my same stage in their pregnancy, so probably I can relate to them better. We did some exercises on the fitness ball, but basically it’s good to sit on the ball at home while eating or watching TV, because it lets your pelvis move freely and later on it helps the baby take the right position for labour.

Apart from the jokes, I’ve started reading some blogs of women describing their labour and as always I found lots of useful (and real) information out there… and what they say is that it’s tough, it’s always longer than you’d like, it’s bad but bearable until the very end when it’s unbearable but then it’s almost over. And the good thing is that generally it goes well at the end. Looks like the very opposite of a IVF cycle, where the pain is bearable (unless you have some bad complications, but I’m not talking about that in either cases), you know exactly how long it will last, and the odds are low. Maybe this is why it’s taking me so much effort to switch to the new mindset.

At work I’m still waiting for some suitable project to come along, but since they haven’t found anything for me yet, I’m basically getting bored. Which explains why I’ve started writing on the blog this morning… My colleagues say that soon I will have a lot to do for sure, so I’d better take it easy now and be patient. So now my life is all about waiting patiently. My professional self is upset because I don’t have much time to make myself known in the company and to learn the work procedures and so on; on the other way, I know that it’s good for me not to have too much pressure, and certainly I will have something to do soon. You can imagine how hard it is for me to stay awake in the office with not much to do and after not sleeping well, though…


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