It’s a boy and… my best wishes to everyone!

The bags are ready for our short ‘babymoon’, but I need to lie down for a few minutes before we leave…

The past week has been very tiring, with my parents and my sister staying with us! We live in a small flat, and having three more people was quite stressful, even if I was happy to be with them. They are used to a big house and lots of comforts, so it’s always a challenge for them to adapt to such a different space… but no complaints, I’m grateful that I could be with my parents for Christmas, and they are over the moon for the baby! My husband has not been so lucky: his father is older and suffers with claustrophobia (i.e. he feels unwell in closed spaces), which means he can’t easily travel, especially by plane, while his mother is looking after her 95 year old mother, so they were not able to be with us. And he misses them a lot. I really hope they can come and see the baby and the nursery and see what a wonderful father he will be. (Having said that, the idea to have my mother in law here with the baby scares me… she’s already asking if I’m wearing warm clothes and eating properly and if we are praying to thank God for the baby every time we speak on the phone, I can’t imagine what she will be like with the baby – and I’m not one that likes to be told what to do, even when I don’t know myself…)

I’ve been well, but my energy goes down very quickly: for instance we went to see the windows in Harrods and to get there we had to take a train and the tube and it was all very crowded, and after a couple of hours I was exhausted. I know that I should take a rest before feeling exhausted, but it’s not so easy when you’re out and there are no seats available anywhere. Anyway, the windows were amazing and it was definitely worth a visit: each window is inspired to a Disney’s princess, with a mannequin with a beautiful dress in the middle. Inside they have jewels inspired to the princesses as well. Here are some pictures for you – can you recognise them all?

IMG_3807 IMG_3808 IMG_3810 IMG_3812


And now we come to our New Year’s eve plans: we are going to a manor in Oxfordshire to spend a couple of nights there, hopefully relaxing and without the stress of cleaning/washing up/trying to fit the nursery furniture in our flat/working etc.

The hotel has a swimming pool, where I hope to try out my new tankini 🙂 and tomorrow night there’s a Murder Mistery dinner! My husband is one of the characters, he received secret instructions, and I have no idea what to expect,but I’m looking forward to it!!

And last but definitely not least… we had our 20 week scan on the 27th and the baby is perfect!!!! Oh, and it’s a boy – I knew it! It was such an emotion to see his little hands and legs, his heart, his spine… he looks like a little person now, he stretches and moves and is as big as a hand! And my bump is suddenly growing a lot, making my movements a bit clumsier every day… Seeing that images on the screen made me feel so weird, there’s so much tenderness and hope and desire to have him in my arms and be able to admire his miniature features all the time… This year started in the most miserable way and is ending with everything I wanted, with a promise of happiness and hard work for the right reasons…. and I wish everyone to experience this feeling of hope in their heart! 


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