I’m watching Sleepless in Seattle – it’s probably the last movie with Tom Hanks I liked, but it is nice! They talk about these couple who “knew” they found the right person at the first sight, and it got me thinking of how it started with L… we were working in the same place, and I was convinced to be madly in love with a guy I dumped the year before rather mercilessly. Life hadn’t improved much after I left him and I was feeling more and more miserable. I really got depressed for a while, and I desperately needed a friend. And he, L,  was there, dealing with a long distance relationship started only a few months earlier, which wasn’t working at all. We started talking, and walking together, and were never tired of spending time together. But when I said we were friends, he said “Oh no, I have no intention of ever being your friend”. And deadly serious he was. In the meantime, he had stopped seeing that girl and I had time to be humiliated by going back to my ex-boyfriend, tell him how much I was still in love with him and be told how happy he was with his new girlfriend and how right I was when I left. And suddenly one day I realized that, if L didn’t want to be my friend, and I wanted to continue seeing him, I had to take a decision – but I was certain that if I started to go out with him, as his girlfriend I mean, it would be serious. I couldn’t “try and see how it goes”. That I felt for sure, never doubted it. And I couldn’t stop seeing him, so… the rest is history, here we are married and about to have a child. Magic 😉


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