DIY and snow balls

It’s been snowing quite a lot in the last few days… not a heavy snow, but it’s unusual here and it seems a lot! Here is a picture of my street:

Snow in London

When it started, L was away for a conference, and his flight back was cancelled, so I was  alone for a couple of days. It was strange to be alone again, now that we finally live together 24/7! And I didn’t want to go out by myself, so I stayed home , working during the day and watching TV in the evening… when he finally managed to come back, it was Saturday and we finished mounting the nursery furniture 🙂 We mounted the doors for the wardrobe (white and blu, with rounded corners and soft stop mechanism) and the missing piece for the drawer – we bought it on sale because there was this piece missing, so later we bought a bar of wood and we fixed it ourself. It was fun and it looks good too!! Next step is to fit some soft edge guard, because the piece we added has got sharp corners and it might be dangerous.

And in this way most of the day went by… but it’s also a time for me and L to discuss what the baby might need and what we might need at the same time (see my previous post), and adjusting to our future life as a family.

In the evening we went to the theatre and saw a farse, “Sauce for the Goose”, all about men cheating on their wifes and the wifes looking for vengeance… it was fun and the actors were really good, so I liked it a lot! The only problem is that I found the chair unconfortable and it was a bit too hot in the theatre, plus the queue for the toilets at the end of the first act was very long, as usual in theatre, but now all these small things bother me more…

And Sunday it was still snowing and we went for a walk around our block, throwing snow balls at each other 🙂 I had to hurry back because I needed the toilet… I’m still 24 weeks pregnant, how bad will it be in the last month???


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