Dreams and ideas

I’ve been looking for courses I could do one evening a week after Pallino is born, to keep some time for myself and let L take care of the baby on his own… one option is a creative writing course, there is a community centre near my place that holds one this year, so I guess they will repeat it periodically. I haven’t been writing anything apart from this blog for ages though, and I’m not sure I’d be able to try again… The other possibility is a language course, I’d like to learn Spanish properly: I’ve studied by myself for a while and I would be at an intermediate level, but my conversation skills are quite bad, because I never had other people to practice with! So this is a good option. Or I could just do a sport class, but I’d prefer something that makes me talk to people and hopefully meet new friends, while if I just go to a gym I don’t really talk to anybody.

I may be looking at events a bit too far away (or merely improbable), but I need to imagine my life afterwards and think that I will be able to find some time for myself, not immediately, but after a few months. I will also have to find time to spend with L, and that is going to be even more difficult, since we don’t have any relative we can leave the baby with, so going out in the evenings will be out of the question for quite a while… maybe we will manage to arrange some days out together when the baby is at the nursery? I already know that most of these things are not going to happen 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also dreaming of all the things I could do WITH the baby, trying to imagine what is like to have a little boy in the family, and also how to make sure he learns Italian and English without problems! But more of this will come later for sure…

On Wednesday I had the week 24 antenatal appointment, and everything is fine! The doctor measured my blood pressure, analysed a urine sample and listened to the baby’s heartbeat, and it’s all going well. It’s always so exciting to hear that little heart beating!!! At the moment he’s also in the right position, but he could move at any time, so it doesn’t mean much now.

I spent half a day working from home while sitting on the fitness ball, and I’ve been thinking that maybe I should take it to the office and use the ball instead of the chair. I wonder what my colleagues will think? So far I played the “I’m pregnant but it doesn’t make any difference to what I do at work” card, and the result has been that my colleagues don’t even realize I’m pregnant unless I tell them explicitly! I imagine it’s because I started working there only two months ago and didn’t know what my body shape was before, and also they mostly see me behind my desk, so they can’t easily see the bump (plus they are mostly men, so go figure their observation skills… ihihih). Anyway, if I take the ball there it will be a statement – not that I’m hiding anything anyway.

I also had another antenatal yoga class this week, and I must admit it’s becoming more interesting now, I feel most involved and I start asking questions and socialising a bit. And the stretch is more and more important for my back now. I think I will keep going to these classes until the end, it’s a way of loving myself, to go back the first topic of this post!


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