From our library

I want to share some of the books we’ve been reading about pregnancy, birth and newborn babies – do send me your suggestions as well if you find something else, I’d love to hear it!

Pregnancy For Men: The whole nine months, by Mark Wood: L is reading this one and loving it. There’s lot of information on what is happening to their partners and what they can do to understand, help and cope with our hormones at the same time… all written in a funny, friendly way!
There’s a follow-up as well:
Babies and Toddlers for Men: From Newborn to Nursery, by Mark Wood, which I expect will be just as good 🙂

And for me, I found this book on preparing for the birth:
The Good Birth Companion: A Practical Guide to Having the Best Labour and Birth, by Nicole Croft: I started reading it only recently and it didn’t scare me off in the first few pages, which is quite something for a book on this subject! Giving birth is going to be hard, but it’s also a very natural event, that so many women have lived in their lives, many of them more than once… the first concept I read in the book is that we should stop thinking and let the instincts prevail, because they know what to do. I tend to over-think everything, so this is a good exercise for me, and makes me feel a bit more relaxed about it (although I’m still a long way from actually being relaxed…): truth is that if I try and rationalise it, the fear is too much and it can’t work out well! However Pallino is growing and moving in my womb without me thinking… and hopefully in the same way he will come out eventually.

And finally all you need to know about the pregnancy, always on my bedside table:
What to expect when you’re expecting, by Heidi E. Murkoff and Sharon Mazel.

Happy reading!


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