Pregnancy dreams

I’ve been dreaming all sort of weird situations since I’m pregnant… at the beginning it was mainly dreams where the baby was not normal: in a couple of occasions the baby started walking or running straight after the birth, but he was not capable of looking after himself and I was terribly worried. And the birth was not a normal delivery, but suddenly the baby was out and I couldn’t find him anymore.

The most recent ones are about me being in trouble, generally when I’m doing something with my parents and my youngest sister. My husband is never there and I’m always drowning or running away from something and nobody can help me. They are generally very vivid, but then I forget them quickly, so I can’t really tell what the story was…

I read somewhere that the first type of dreams means fear of not being able to look after a baby (which doesn’t surprise me honestly). And the bit about the delivery must be because as long as the baby is the womb I know where he is and I know that I’m taking care of him, while in the dreams he disappears and runs away… By the way, I’m becoming quite big now! Here’s a picture of the belly 🙂

25 weeks!

25 weeks!

I can imagine the second one is about my fear of having the baby when L is not with me, he is the only one I would really trust (not even my parents, this is interesting!).

I wish I could sleep for eight hours continuously… it’s gonna be a long time before this dream will come true!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy dreams

  1. Eight hours of continuous sleep? I remember that! I get about 2-3 hours of continuous sleep at a time. The bladder and aching hips/legs always win.
    My first pregnancy dream was about the baby being born and us not having anything ready. No furniture, no clothes, no diapers. I think you’re right about the first dreams being about your fear of not being able to take care of your baby. My dreams progressed to being about not being able to find anything to wear. This belly got big, quickly!
    I’m interested to see what the next dreams are about!

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