Mood swings and me

Last week has been quite challenging. L was away every evening, and my pelvic pain got worse, but more importantly my mood has shifted continuously for nothing… I believe it’s hard to deal with pregnant women, but I can tell you it’s hard to BE a pregnant woman and find yourself crying or being upset for any little issue!

I suppose it’s a sign that the second trimester is coming to an end, although there is still a couple of weeks to go: it’s been a great time, I was feeling happy and physically well, but now something is changing. With the belly growing fast and my body balance more and more offset, my movements are not free anymore and I can’t even walk normally… I used to walk at lunch time for about half an hour, to breath some fresh air and leave the office for a while, but this week I just wasn’t feeling well enough to do it. On Friday I went, however, and I managed, but I had to walk in small steps, to avoid any unnecessary tilting of the pelvis, and I had to stop at some point because I was already tired.

Next step is going swimming, which should be the best exercise, because it’s gentle, strengthens your core muscles and keeps the baby in the right position. Little problem is that I don’t like swimming, especially because I’m badly short-sighted and I need to wear contact lenses in the swimming pool, which means remembering to buy them and take a few minutes more in the changing rooms to wear them etc. It’s like recycling: when something makes it more complicated than it should, people simply don’t recycle at all. Why bother? And that’s what I generally do with swimming. Maybe if I find someone else to go with, there’s a chance I will actually go. Surely I need to keep moving, or I will have problems with my neck and shoulder as well… After all I do a sedentary job and being pregnant doesn’t make me immune from the usual problems!

Maybe a contribution to my strange mood was given by the fact that I have been very busy at work, and I was asked to write a report for a project I didn’t know anything about. The report was a summary of 3-4 years of work done by other colleagues and I was supposed to summarise everything in a specific structure. I’ve done what I could, considering that I’m in this job since November so there are many things I still don’t really understand, or anyway I cannot make a judgement. The report was supposed to be reviewed by a colleague of mine. Only that my colleague was busy and didn’t look at it until Friday afternoon (deadline for submission) and we had to send it in without any correction at all and now I feel a bit guilty and under pressure for not being able to complete it properly and I hope the clients won’t even read it until we send the final version (which we promised for a week on Monday… provided my colleague is around of course).

On top of this, I had an argument with L for a stupid reason, which didn’t help… as I said, it’s hard to deal with a pregnant woman, but I also need a bit more comprehension in this period! L has been great so far, don’t get me wrong, and understandably how could he know that suddenly my mood would change like that?


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