Good morning.. it’s 8.30am and I’m starting working in a few minutes. Luckily I decided to work from home yesterday and today, since I haven’t been sleeping well at all and this way I can sleep an hour longer before work!

It seems to be a nice day out of the windows, I can see the parents taking their children to school. How many of them have slept well last night? I’m pregnant and already I wake up in the middle of the night with the little one kicking a lot… is it a prelude of what’s coming later? He seems much more quieter during the day, but maybe it’s because I’m distracted.

Reading posts written by mums with young kids about their troubles at night, I remembered when I was maybe 8 to 12: my sister, four years younger, and I used to chat in our bed until very late at night. It was the best time of day, everything was silent and we could open our hearts and talk about anything at all. We were best friends at that time (it didn’t last…). My father works in shifts and his morning shift started at 5 am, so his alarm clock was set sometime around 4 am. A few times he entered our room at 2 am shouting at us because he needed to sleep… but we could not understand, we would giggle under our duvet pretending to sleep already and we would do it again the next night. How big can the difference be between the world of the adults and the world of the kids…


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