Welcome to the third trimester…

Another cold week, and it snowed a bit today, if only for a short time… and I feel I’m about to have a cold again: I can’t breathe through my nose (and had a bit of a nose bleed last night) and my head feels heavy… I’ve been dragging myself to work in the last two weeks, actually.

The pelvic pain is still there, still manageable once I know what it is, but also I’m feeling a lot of pressure in my belly, probably because is expanding a lot, and sometimes I feel it hard.

I don’t know when theoretically the third trimester is supposed to start, but judging from the symptoms, I guess I’m right there… to summarize:

– pelvic pain

– pressure in my belly

– constipation

– I’ve started eating chocolate again after almost 6 months! I’m eating anything I see, really…

– exhaustion

– mood swings

I think that’s more or less it for now.


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