Shopping for the baby

Probably thanks to the good weather, this weekend I’m feeling much better. Still moving about like a penguin, but I feel more relaxed. 

L spent all Saturday with me, but now he’s working at a science festival and won’t be home until late… so I’m in charge of the dinner today 🙂 

We’ve been at a ‘nearly new sale’ for babies’ stuff on Saturday: L was all excited for the opportunity to talk with other parents about their experiences (how did you use this, when did you start using that etc.), I was curious to see what they would sell and at what price… we ended up buying quite a few things, from incredibly cute baby grows to a sterilizer and a BabyBjorn carrier for L (not sure it’s going to be comfortable for me, apparently mums prefer soft slings and dads prefer more rigid carriers). 

Baby Bjorn Active… will Pallino like it?

So now we have a few 0-3 months clothes, from our parents, a friends and this sale, and the nursery is almost ready… still it’s three months to go! The main things still missing are: pushchair/travel system (a friend promised to give us hers at the end of March, so hopefully we don’t need to buy a new one at least for the first 6-9 months), moses basket and stand, cot mattress and sheets (not urgent though, first we will use the basket anyway), and anything I will need for the hospital for me and for Pallino. This is so exciting!!!

Next Tuesday I’ve got the antenatal appointment with the midwife. I have a long list of questions about the birth, but maybe I will have to wait for the antenatal class we booked for the end of March for that… anyway, this time L will come with me, he has never heard the heartbeat until now and it would be great! I’m always a bit nervous before the appointments, let’s hope Pallino is doing well…

I’m thinking of  having a scan in the next few weeks, just to make sure that he’s fine, in what position he is and if there’s anything I should be aware of that could make the labour longer or more difficult. I know there should be no need for this, but it would help me gain confidence, I suppose. It’s only an idea, at this stage, though.

Well, now is time for a nap, and then I can prepare dinner…


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