Week 28 antenatal appointment

We heard the heartbeat again today 🙂 It’s perfect, so exciting and calming for me at the same time… and today L was there, so he heard it too for the first time! It’s so easy to worry and then when I hear that simple sound I feel reassured that Pallino is fine and all this is really happening…

I’ve told the midwife about the pelvic pain and she said she will refer me to a physiotherapist, so I should get a call from the hospital sometime this week. Then she measured my blood pressure, and it’s good, and took some blood for the glucose test (but she said they test a number of other things as well): if everything is fine, they won’t contact me, otherwise I will receive a call in the next two weeks. I had to drink 280 mL of Lucozade a hour before the blood was taken for the glucose test, and that was not very pleasant, since I don’t like it, especially at 8 am and just after breatfast… but it’s done.

We also discussed about the antenatal classes offered at the hospital. We’ve already booked one, a day long class at the end of March, but now she said that I can book a breastfeeding class for when I’m past 36 weeks, and if the baby is in the right position at the 34th week, there is an ‘active birth class’ that I can do as well. This is good news, it means the hospital supports the active birth… whatever I choose to do (or whatever the doctors tell me I have to do) when time comes, it’s nice to know that I have the option!

Now I have the rest of the morning off work, and it’s a nice sunny day, so hopefully I can go for a (short) walk, and then back to work!



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