Maternity support belt

It’s Friday!!!! Which means I’m on holiday for a few days!! But I’ll tell you about this when we are back next week. Also I’ve submitted the report I’ve been working on in the last two months and… it feels good.

Today I’ve been hungry all the time, so to avoid eating chocolate I’ve decided to write a post 😛

As I said a few days ago, I’ve bought a maternity support belt, hoping to ease my backache (and pelvic pain?): I’ve received it yesterday afternoon, so today it was the first day that I’ve used it properly.

First thing to say is that it’s light and flexible, and comfortable. Only issue I see until now is that it interferes with the edge of the trousers, which means depends what you’re wearing, you might need to take it off every time you go to the toilet (!). Also, I could wear it without problem when sitting at my desk, but it needs a slight readjustment when I stand up again. Nothing major though, I managed.

Let’s come to the good points: one of the main discomforts I have is the pressure I feel on the groin every time I stand up, and that was definitely reduced! Also, the backache got better. I still have the pelvic pain, but overall it’s a good improvement and I’m going to wear it every day. If anything changes with time I will post an update, but otherwise I recommend it!

Here are some pictures to show you what I’m talking about, in case you want to try it too

Maternity support belt   FotoFlexer_Photo_22-02-2013_2


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