Long weekend in Devon


The coast between Devon and Cornwall

Back to work since yesterday… I wish I had at least a couple more days: it always takes a while to adjust to the holiday mood and rhythm, and all the more so when you are pregnant and can’t sleep properly even in your own bed!
Anyway, we managed to escape the routine for four days and visit some friends in Devon. He was a university colleague of L and his wife is also pregnant, due about a month before me. It was nice to be able to chat about the courses we are doing, plans for the nursery and all that, even if most of the time when we were home in the evening I would go straight to lie down in the bed for a while, and I missed most of these conversations… She said she feels more energetic now than a month ago: I wonder if I will feel better in a few weeks too?
Overall it’s been good to spend some time with L away from our flat and our jobs, he’s always stressed out by his work and now he feels the pressure to deliver before the baby arrives, so he will have more time off when needed. On the other side I need some attention now and therefore the only way was to get away and don’t think about anything for a few day.
I must say that I loved Devon: people were friendly, good food, the weather mild and the landscapes beautiful, it reminded us of Tuscany! And I really really miss the sea….
Unfortunately I was not able to walk much: the first day, in Plymouth, I walked more than I should and at the end I had a bad backache and my right hip was ‘blocked’… I got quite scared actually, I love walking and I didn’t think I was going too far 😦
That night I barely slept, I was so uncomfortable and in pain… so we limited our exploration to things we could visit by car, and I tried to rest as much as possible. The last two days we were in a holiday resort in Torquay, on the English Riviera.

The English Riviera

The English Riviera

The village is a bit like Cannes, in France, but without the sun, and the hotel was fantastic, with lots of indoor entertainment and games and a lovely warm swimming pool, so we didn’t need to go out that much to have fun!
But all good things come to an end, and we are back home now. I alternate days when I feel well and days when I can’t sit/sleep/walk without being uncomfortable, and I wish I could stay home instead of going to work. Four weeks to go, then I can work from home for a few days before starting maternity leave.
I am wearing my support belt, and I still notice an improvement in terms of reducing the weight when I stand up from a sitting position, and when I walk, so I’m still happy with it.

One last picture, a clock that was at the arrival of the ferry from Devon to Cornwall, it made me smile…



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