Travelling on business when pregnant… a no-no

Yesterday I had a very long day at work… I knew it would be tough, but I’ve got the last few weeks at work and I don’t want to get bored. However, I had to travel through London and to Manchester by train/tube and it took about 4 hours in the morning and even more in the evening… and all for a 3-hour meeting!! I left at 7.30 am and came back at 10pm… and in the meantime I discovered that:

– now I get travel sick on trains (!)

– my back didn’t hurt much, so it must be my posture in the office or in the car that gives me problems normally

– I cannot stand warm rooms for long.

The heat was actually the worst issue: during the meeting I could leave the room from time to time to go to the toilet and get some fresh air (to be honest, no-one should sit in a meeting for three hours without a break, but men don’t seem to realize that it would be beneficial for them too to get out and stretch their legs and drink some water every hour or so… I’m sure that affects the quality of people’s thinking after a while, but since generally I’m not the Chairman, I cannot do much!); however, the train from Manchester to London was quite busy and we got seats in a coach where the air conditioning was not working (one of those nice fast trains with no windows that can be open), and I felt too hot and sick, with a bad headache, for the whole journey.

To end it all, all the trains to my area were cancelled or had more 60 minutes delay, and apparently there were no taxis available anywhere, so I had to wait and jump on the first train and ask L to come and get me somewhere else… why are things so complicated when you’re already tired and sick???

So this morning I stayed home and slept as much as I could, to recover from the disastrous journey and the not so much better night… I’m glad this is the last meeting out of London before my maternity leave, and I hope Pallino was not too bothered by my discomfort…

Sorry about this post a bit random, I just needed to vent…


2 thoughts on “Travelling on business when pregnant… a no-no

  1. sounds like a not so fun day! I had a conference last week and it was hard to not get up to use the washroom every 20 minutes while everyone else seemed just fine with a small amount of breaks!

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