Blind date

Another period of low energy… yesterday I was supposed to go to an event where L was giving a talk, but it was after work and the traffic was awful, and my back was hurting, so I went home instead, and missed the whole thing. As soon as I arrived home I started crying and fell asleep on the bed…

Today I still feel tired, but I had an appointment in the morning, so I went out a bit: it was sort of a blind date with a couple of colleagues of L who had babies in the last couple of years… we chatted about the nursery their children go to and how they managed at work, but actually the nicest thing was to play with the kids: little Tom showed me his book on trains and I read a story to Sas, and we all had the cake I baked, which came out really nice! Easier to talk with kids than adults… I’m so looking forward to play with Pallino!!

I took an appointment with the physiotherapist at the hospital for next Friday – it took them two weeks to call me back after referral from the midwife, and another week to give me the appointment… will I actually manage to see the therapist in these two months?? I wouldn’t mind some help with this backache…



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