31 weeks 5 days and all is well

So, I had a midwife appointment (week 31) and everything was OK. I had the whooping cough vaccination as well, to protect the baby in the first months until he can have his proper vaccine. Last year many babies died of whooping cough (!), so now the NHS is providing the vaccine to all expectant mothers after 28 weeks of pregnancy. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have my little baby seriously ill after the birth. After the IVF treatment, after 9 months of pregnancy, after the delivery. But it’s not good to think about that, so now I’ve written it down and I can forget about it. There are other things to be worried about before then, anyway!

I also met the physiotherapist, but it didn’t change my life much… as I expected, she just confirmed that I have pelvic girdle pain, gave me a leaflet, and suggested a few exercises to do everyday, many of which I already knew. The only new information I got is that strengthening the pelvic floor apparently helps with the pelvic pain. This is because the pain is due the pelvic joint which is now getting softer to prepare for the birth, and therefore leave the pelvic girdle less supported. Exercising the pelvic floor increases the support to the bones in that area, and can reduce the pain.





2 thoughts on “31 weeks 5 days and all is well

  1. I’m having major pelvic pain, too! I plan to talk to my doc about this during my appointment this week. It hurts to stand up, get in/out of the car. Even rolling over in bed is painful. I’ll be curious to see what my doc suggests to help with the pain!

    • Hopefully he will help you! As I wrote, the support belt is helping me when I stand, but in bed is always painful… and so is sitting on a hard chair. Let’s be patient, it’s all for a great cause!

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