Week 32 and counting…

What a long week… during the last couple of days I had headache in the office. Maybe because I slept less than usual, or maybe it’s just that the hormonal balance is changing again…? Anyway, at lunch time I went to my car and slept there for half an hour, that helped a lot! After the first trimester, I hadn’t suffered with headaches at all, that’s why I guess that there must be a link with the hormones.

Saturday is going to be another long day, we’re going to the NHS antenatal class, all day long! Will I learn something new? Will I feel more confident about the delivery and my choices? I haven’t quite written down any birth plan yet, although it’s in my head, most of it… also all the newsletter I received this week suggested that this is a good time to prepare my hospital bag… are we really that far in this pregnancy???


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