A birth story

This week at the yoga for pregnancy class we had a visit from a girl who had her baby a week ago. The baby slept the whole time quietly and we kept him in our arms for a few minutes each. The cutest thing on Earth. In the meantime, she told us about her experience of the delivery.

During her pregnancy, she attended hypnobirthing classes, together with our yoga based class, and was very oriented for a natural birth. However, as things go, she had a long initial stage and after hours of contractions she was still only 2 cm dilated, so the doctors decided she needed medication to speed up the process. At the time she had already enough and asked for an epidural. With the medication and the epidural, everything went faster; she could still feel her legs and stomach, but without the pain, and was able to get some rest and then push the baby out properly.

Not what she had planned, but looking at the little one she said: “When you see him there, healthy, you know your decisions were the right ones, no matter what.”



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