Happy Easter!

‘Dress rehearsal’ this weekend… our friends F and A are flying from Italy to spend Easter with us, with their 9-month old little boy, G… which means we’ve tried to make the flat child-friendly, make the nursery available for them and buy food for the baby from their list. We were worried they might not find all the food they are used to, so I’ve asked them to give me a list and I bought everything in advance, and told them which items were not available here (or I just don’t know where to find them!). We have also bought our baby monitor and cot mattress, so they can use them already and we can practice a bit!

F will be Pallino’s godmother, and she’s bringing us a travel system that we can use up to 1 year, since they are buying a new pushchair and car seat for G. And L is G’s godfather. So the least we can do for them is let them stay with us and use our nursery like their own, I think.

The cons are that I’ve been anxious all week, because I don’t have that much energy, we are not used to dealing with a child and I’m afraid they might need something we don’t have, or G might not sleep at all in this new environment, or he might not eat anything, and I would feel responsible because I’m hosting them. Oh, and here is much colder than they are used to… This is all unreasonable, since G is with his parents, if they needed something they would ask me for it in advance, and ultimately I’m not responsible for this baby. But I can’t help it, ok? On top of this, I don’t know what they want to do, I’d like to rest as much as possible, chat, go for half a hour walk every day and nothing else, but after traveling from another country, they will want to move a bit more, I suppose. Should I stay alone at home? or go out and get too tired? Again, surely they know what it means to be at this stage of pregnancy (and actually, F had a pregnancy ‘at risk’, so she had to stay home pretty much the all time!), and if they are coming to spend some time with us, it won’t matter what we do exactly, will it?

OK, it’s hard to keep control of my emotions and  I’m happy to have company – actually, when I’m with friends I tend to forget the backache and everything else and I feel good, so this is going to be the best way to pass the weekend. I’m going to repeat these words as a mantra in my mind.

But in the meantime, I wish all and everyone of you a Happy Easter, and a peaceful time ahead, be it the rest of your pregnancy, or the delivery of your baby, or your new life as a mum. And don’t get stressed for nothing 😛

Happy Easter!!!


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