Easter with friends and week 34 appointment

Time to give an update of the weekend… as I hoped, it was nice to have our friends F and A around, and see how they handled their baby and used our nursery! There were a couple of occasions were I’ve become nervous and took it on my husband, and the same happened to F with her husband… I suppose it’s inevitable from time to time. But overall it was a good time and they gave us a few good tips, hopefully. One was to make sure we have at least a week worth of meals in the freezer when the baby is born, since we are not going to have time or will to prepare anything in the first days. I wonder how we should do that, though, since we don’t quite know when that will happen, and we use the freezer regularly… especially if you consider that I will need to have a balanced diet even more after the birth, to facilitate my recovery but also to ensure the baby is well fed (that is if I manage to breastfeed alright). F is still breastfeeding and she said that she cannot have some foods now because she noticed that the baby don’t digest the milk as well, or has got colics if she has them – for example oranges and spinach. I didn’t think the effect of what we eat would be so immediate!

On Sunday we went to a spa, and had some treatments in turns: first F and A went to have their treatment while L and I looked after their baby, then we went. So we fed the baby (a fruit jar) and put him to sleep… I downloaded an app on my phone with lullabies for babies and hid the phone in his pushchair, and he slowly fell asleep 🙂 When F and A came back, we went to have our treatments: I went for a pedicure, since I can barely reach my toe nails! So now I have beautifully painted toe nails, but it’s still cold and I have to wear boots… that’s not fair!!!

The only issue they had was the temperature, since in Italy they have around 15 degrees this time of year, and here it’s still around 5, so the first night they were cold and the baby would not sleep alone in its cot. We then kept the central heating on (with the thermostat set to 20-21 degrees!) and they were OK. I had to switch off the radiator in my room completely, it was far too hot for me and the air was too dry!

They left on Tuesday morning, and I’m left with a mountain of things to wash… but it was worth having them, L relaxed a bit and now the sun is shining, which is fantastic 🙂 (still a bit cold, but I don’t care).

Last news… I had my week 34 appointment with the midwife on Tuesday. Everything is OK, however I was quite disappointed by her: they gave me my notes when I went to the hospital for the anomaly scan, and in the notes they record the results of all my tests and measurement. There is also a list of the planned appointment, including what it’s going to happen at each appointment. Well, this week’s one should have been focused on discussing every item of my birth plan, so L and I prepared a  plan and a number of questions. However the midwife was not really prepared to discuss anything at all… she took my blood pressure as usual, checked the urine sample and was ready to send us away! We had to ask her every question and insist a bit to stay and talk, but in her view everything would be discussed at the antenatal classes. The classes are not one-to-one though, are they? Well, not that we find out anything new actually.

Or maybe just a detail: talking about pain relief, I wasn’t sure why one would ask for pethidine instead of going directly for an epidural. I mean, if I’m going to take medication, why not take the best we can have with the least effect on the baby? With pethidine, some medicine can be transmitted to the baby and therefore one is more likely to have a medicated third stage (that is when they give you an injection to speed up the release of the placenta and avoid excessive bleeding; this is common when the labour has been long or complicated). The issue is that there is only one anaesthetist and 14 rooms, so I might ask for an epidural and have to wait for some time before I can get it. In this case they might give pethidine in the mean time to release the pain while I’m waiting. So now that makes sense.

Anyway, I said I want to try and labour in water, with the epidural as second choice. She seemed supportive of my choice, and said it’s good to give it a try and do our best to have a natural birth, if there are no complications.


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