Family dilemma – part 2

I’ve already discussed the problem of what my parents should do when the baby is born here.

After that post, my parents in law booked their tickets for the end of June, exactly as we asked; my parents, though, booked a flight for the 16th of May, the day after the due date, and only yesterday they booked a return flight for the 21th of May. Now this is not what we asked at all, and I’m already stressing out: if the baby is not born that week, which is likely but not necessary, I will probably enjoy the company. But if Pallino decides to arrive during that week, L and I will not have the opportunity to spend the first days on our own. And what is upsetting me more is that they haven’t booked any flight for June, that is when I need help! I know they mean well, but I’m in a difficult situation now: L is going to be even more upset than me, because he’s very jealous of our privacy and we fought hard to get here and this is a moment we want to enjoy, only L, me and Pallino. On the other side, my parents followed every step of our story and want to be with us now.

Also, my sister didn’t allow them to go and visit her (she also lives in the UK) when she had her baby two years ago, and they hope I won’t be so mean now. Which means part of their insistence is due to their problems with my sister and has got nothing to do with me, or in other words, they’re not even listening to what I say and what I need. Typical. I don’t have the strength to deal with family drama on this occasion, really. Why do they have to book flights to visit us without asking first??? Honestly, this was one of the arguments that my sister had against them. They never completely made it up with each other, they talk via Skype but they are not in good terms.  I don’t want to end up like that…


4 thoughts on “Family dilemma – part 2

  1. Oh, parents! We think once we are grown, married, out of the house, and having our first baby, that our parents will let us make out own life decisions. I wish that were the case! I’m sorry they are not respecting your wishes. I’ve been arguing with mine over similar things. I hope everything works out well and no toes are stepped on!

  2. Ugh. That is a tough one – having help is going to be so important, but i can understand your need to want at least a few days to just be with baby and L. Although you may be so tired that an extra set of hands may be more helpful than you realize in the beginning! I think it’s hard because your parents obviously love u so much and want to be a part of things – but you are right, they should ask for your input prior to booking a flight!

    • I know what you mean… but consider that they don’t speak English, so they would need assistance even to book a taxi and come to the hospital, for example, and this would give us more work to do instead of helping us! Apparently (after the discussion with me) they managed to arrange a visit to my sister as well, so they won’t stay with us for the whole period, but they will be close enough to come and see the baby if he’s born during those days… and I hope he will be, it would certainly be nice 🙂

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