Week 35 and the first nct antenatal class

Five weeks left to the due date. Tomorrow is going to be my last day at work, and I’m going to the office for a meeting and to say goodbye. I could continue working from home for another week, but I don’t have any other project to work on (remember that I started working only in November, so it was difficult to find something for me to do in the short term only!), and I don’t want to ‘pretend’ working, I’d rather take more time off. I know I don’t need to justify myself, but on one hand I welcome the opportunity to have a nap whenever I want, on the other I’m afraid I will get bored or lonely, and I’m not good in either situations. I’m meeting other pregnant women at the antenatal classes, though, so it’s all about being organised and getting out of the house, right?

On Monday L and I had our first antenatal class with the nct (the National Childbirth Trust): it’s a  private (and expensive) class, held in the house of the tutor, Amanda, which is only 10 minutes walking from our place. There were 7 or 8 other couples, all living in the area and more or less our age. None of them is a foreigner, but one couple lived in Australia for a while, and come back to the UK when they decided to have a family, and one girl has her parents in Geneva. Maybe some common experience there? The first evening was an occasion to meet each other and Amanda, and collect our ideas on what the course should be about. We have 4 sessions planned for everyone plus one day only for women, so we had all sort of topics in mind, from labour to how to deal with a newborn… Amanda started with an overview of the three stages of labour, with all the horrible details, very similar to the NHS course we’ve had a few days ago. Some of the other couples haven’t done that course though, so it was more interesting for them.

At the end of the session she asked all future dads to practice a nappy change… that was hilarious! She had prepared one doll for each dad on the kitchen table, and provided wet wipes and clean nappies to all. She explained what to do and then off they went, with us women watching behind their back and advising them if necessary.

L started off very confident, playing with the little doll and making fun noises… when it was time to remove the dirty nappy, the first problem came out: how to remove the babygrow?? He never thought he was supposed to take off the clothes from the legs of the baby! I blessed Amanda in my heart for this practice session… His face in the meantime was becoming more and more serious and he wasn’t playing anymore… Once he opened the nappy, surprise: the dolls were actually all dirty with some sort of disgusting yellowish cream, which the dads had to clean with the wipes. L used about 50 wipes, but eventually the doll was clean and the new nappy was secured. Around him on the table, all the dirty wipes and the old nappy still open… I’ll probably have my own problems when it’s time to do it with my baby (especially because I never had to deal with a boy), but it was so fun to observe the men and their lack of practical sense! However, they were all up for it, and a bit of practice will do miracles. Go L!!!

The next session is only for women, hopefully we will break the ice a bit more and start getting to know each other better!



3 thoughts on “Week 35 and the first nct antenatal class

  1. haha what a funny yet helpful experience for the dads-to-be. My hubby has never changed a diaper before either, or dressed a baby, or really even had any practice holding a small baby. So it’s going to be quite the learning curve!

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