Maternity leave!!

I feel like lot of things happened this week, but now I’m struggling to remember… oh baby mind, bless you!

OK, first of all this was my last week at work. I worked half days until Wednesday, starting whenever I wanted and until sometime after lunch, and I finished off what I had planned without too many problems. On Wednesday I went to the office for my last meeting and to say goodbye; the meeting went well, and I had lunch with my colleagues, which was really nice, then I worked for another hour or so before going home. The office felt really hot and the chair was uncomfortable, which made me think how lucky I have been, being able to work from home in the last two weeks! On Thursday I had a meeting with an advisor regarding my professional registration. I agreed with my boss that this was the best time to put together my application and at least check with an advisor whether it’s time to submit it, so I went and had this meeting in another very warm room. He was quite pleased with my draft application and encouraged me to submit it now with some minor changes, which means some more work to do, but in my own time and only if I feel like, so it’s going to be something to keep me sane in case I’m bored at home.

I had two more antenatal classes this week: a breastfeeding class with the hospital feeding councellor (or whatever she is), and the second class of my antenatal course, both only for women.

The breastfeeding class was held in a Children’s Centre, in a not very comfortable room, for two hours. The tutor tried to show us a DVD a couple of time, on an old 16” (or less?) cathodic combo TV which refused to play the DVD, but then she managed to explain everything with the help of a knitted breast and a doll… I wondered why she was wasting time trying to play the DVD on that small screen when she handed out a copy of the DVD to each one of us to watch at home, and she didn’t really need any visual aid anyway. Well, not many new information about breastfeeding, apart a couple of things: sometimes the baby are so tired after the delivery (they work hard too) that they just want to sleep for the first 24 hours or more. There’s nothing wrong with this and it would be good to let them do it if they need so. However if the baby sleeps and doesn’t go for the breast, the breast is not stimulated to produce milk, and that can create problems to the mother later on, when the baby wakes up and is hungry! So this is why the midwife might suggest to wake up the baby every three hours and try and feed him. It’s not about routines and it’s not about the baby’s immediate need, but it might come useful afterwards. She also showed us how to hand express milk if the baby doesn’t latch on the first few days, and how to massage the breast to avoid milk clots and eventually mastitis. A lot to take on and certainly I can’t remember it all, but hopefully the DVD will help!

The antenatal class was about labour, postnatal recovery and the first feelings of the newborn in this world… an interesting information  was that the baby in the womb already has a sense of smell: some of what we smell is passed to the baby through the amniotic fluid, which means he’s going to be able to recognise familiar smells as soon as he’s born, for example his dad’s smell! I love that, the fact that we are connected, all three of us, so much already 🙂

So, overall it has been a busy week! In the meantime, I still don’t sleep much and I’m most uncomfortable in bed, but I don’t feel exhausted all the time, although obviously mornings are not my favourite time of day. I’m trying to walk at least half a hour every day, after that my back hurts and I need to stop. I’ve also started preparing my hospital bag, but maybe I’ll write more about it in another post.


2 thoughts on “Maternity leave!!

  1. My last official day in the office is on April 22 – so less than a week! But i plan to work from home until my little guy arrives. Crazy how quickly all this is happening!

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