Week 36

I guess I will write more often now, to keep sane… I have a few important things to do, both for work – my application for professional registration – and for the baby – finish off  preparing the last items for the hospital bag and the first days of the baby. But after not sleeping well at all at night, the only desire I have is to rest, and for some reason I manage to sleep better a few hours in the morning, and the rest of the day seems to pass by without me noticing! The only things I did today were to book my next antenatal appointment (I thought it would be every week now, but no, still every two weeks), and an hair cut. Useful stuff, but… At the end I also went for a walk, about 45 minutes, and tonight I’ve got my yoga class.

Yesterday I had my week 36 appointment with the midwife. It was over in 5 minutes, she just checked my blood pressure and the baby’s heartbeat and position, as usual. He’s head down, but not engaged yet. I had to walk 20 minutes to get there and I was a bit breathless because it was warm; the heartbeat was slightly accelerated, and we had to wait a couple of minutes until it got normal again. This made me think that whatever I do or feel may not have a big impact on myself (my blood pressure was normal), but has got a bigger and longer impact on the baby. So if I rest as much as possible it’s probably good for him.

The last antenatal class was about pain relief during labour. Honestly, I still think it’s going to be horrible whatever I choose. Every solution has got pros and cons for me and/or Pallino, and I can’t understand how L can stand the idea of watching all of this. He must really love me.


4 thoughts on “Week 36

  1. Sounds like you are taking care of yourself – and that is good! I wish i had kept up with walking more during the pregnancy, i’ve had a lot of hip/back pain that have kept me from keeping a regular exercise routine. But…with only a few days left – i’ll try to get in any walks i can!!! Will have to put that on my to-do list next week as I wait for him to arrive 🙂

  2. I know you’re bad sleeping now… and you’re going to miss your sleeping for a long time. But your tiredness will be different, it depends on your hormones and, of course, on the baby.
    My baby was born on week 39. I slept our first nights in the hospital holding her on my chest, between my arms. I was exhausted and she needed to learn how to eat 🙂 I still remember those beautiful moments, she was so tiny and needing protection and I was in my nirvana. And, believe me, I had a sweet, unforgettable rest.

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