Week 36 and 6 days

It’s 9.45 am and as usual my pelvic pain had me wake up feeling miserable… so now I’m sitting in the nursing chair and hopefully I’ll be able to do something from my to do list later on! I still have to finish my hospital bag: I think I have everything important, but I need to show L what’s in there and where he can get changes or refills if needed, and also I need to check that I actually have everything for the baby, since last week we were given a good checklist at the antenatal class, but I haven’t really had time to compare it with what I have prepared already.

Last weekend we had our last breastfeeding class, with the nct, and then we went to the pub with the other couples, which was really nice. Hopefully we will keep in touch and maybe become friends! The class was a refresher of information I already had at the NHS class, but this time partners were present too, so it was very useful for L. He can’t understand why breastfeeding is not an exact science though, he thought you could learn the ‘right’ technique and you wouldn’t ever have problems. He’s going to have a few more surprises when it comes to raising children, I suppose… However, I see one point he makes: when they tell you about breastfeeding, the tutors start saying that sometimes it’s difficult, support is available and we should not give up straight away. They carry on showing wrong habits and so on. All this before showing a good example of when things work well. So unless you’ve seen already how it should be, you might get confused: why should it be difficult? what stops you from doing the right things? Honestly, I’m not so sure myself about this last point. I understand that a lot depends on the child innate instinct, and the mother should not stop him from following it  by taking certain positions; also, if the baby is already desperate because he’s been hungry for a while and wasn’t being fed, he needs to be calmed down before he can latch on properly. But apart from that, it doesn’t seem so difficult. It must be one of those things that are easy in theory, but not in practice.

The bottom line of the session was: if you have problems, before despairing and torturing yourself for months, or giving up, call someone to help you or attend a drop-in breastfeeding session.

Sunday was a warm sunny day and I had a nice visit from three of my ex-colleagues. We went to have lunch in a pub near my place and then we played board games all afternoon. It was good to see them and meet their partners as well! They traveled between one and two hours to come here, so I really appreciated the effort, and it was good to know that they haven’t forgotten me and we could still talk easily to each other… only 6 months have passed, but life has already changed so much for me, and being distant doesn’t help in keeping alive friendships, but it went very well 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 36 and 6 days

  1. Yah for a fun weekend with friends! We also got out and enjoyed a local festival with our neighbors. It’s nice to do something “normal” – even when we’re not feeling very normal right now! haha

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