Countdown and a reflection on infertility

The countdown to the due date is a bit scary, less than two figures there… I still think I’ll have to wait another week, but I hope to be proven wrong! In the last week the bump has dropped quite noticeably, and in the last couple of days I didn’t have to get up as much during the night, I was even able to stay in bed until 8.30-9am!!I never go to bed before midnight, though. However, the weather has been wet again, and I’ve been aching a lot, so getting out of bed (yesterday even walking) is a struggle.

I’ve been out with the girls from the antenatal classes, though, and I love that! We are also discussing about joining a baby massage course together at the end of June πŸ™‚

Sometimes when I talk with them, I realise how true it is that even now, even with the baby coming in such a short time, we are infertile. The topics hasn’t come up directly, but I feel it’s there: they choose prams that can be doubled, for the next baby, they choose the baby names thinking “I’ll pick this one and my partner can pick the second one”, they ask us whether we wanted a boy or a girl. It’s little things really, but make me aware of the different point of view I have: for me all of this is a miracle that will very likely not happen again ever, and my only prayer is that the baby is healthy.



4 thoughts on “Countdown and a reflection on infertility

  1. I completely understand the infertile feeling. Even though my friends know everything we’ve been through, they still say things like “when will you be ready for your second one?” “You never know, it may happen naturally next time!” I’ve just stopped trying to correct them and I smile and nod. They will never understand this without having gone through it. I hope they never have to understand it, but I wish they would TRY to understand. πŸ™‚ Oh well, that’s why I have my blog ladies!
    Yay for having so little time before meeting your little one!

  2. I had been waiting a baby for about ten years, mostly due to my ex husband infertility, but when finally happened I had the same thoughts. And because i was 40 and my husband 46, we still can’t avoid thinking about how lucky, and thankful, we are.

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