My little Prince

I tried to start this post many times, I even wrote a long piece with all the details of my labour… but I must have forgotten to press save… and I don’t have it anymore. I’ve been thinking that all the details don’t really matter anyway, now that my little Pallino is here… I’ll give you a brief summary though, to share my experience, from the emails I wrote to my antenatal class teachers:

“I was in labour from Sunday to Monday evening at home, because the dilation was less than 4 cm… I coped with the breathing and the midwife at the hospital suggested some massages that L could do during each contraction, but especially on Monday afternoon Β it was really bad… When I was finally admitted to the hospital, I asked for an epidural immediately. I think the pelvic pain made it all unbearable. I used gas and air for two hours while waiting for the doctor, and it wasn’t enough but helped, then everything went more smoothly… I could feel my legs and the contractions, so it was a spontaneous vaginal delivery, and I loved to hold the baby straight in my arms afterwards… I had a bad haemorrage though, and I’m still quite weak, although my conditions were good and fortunately I didn’t need a transfusion, but I remained a day in hospital under monitoring.

L was amazing the whole time, he was always there doing the right thing… Leafing through his notes sometimes and reminding me to breathe and drink and eat and holding me and supporting me continuously…

The baby was tongue tied, but the pediatrician found out the day after the birth and we had it cut the same day, so after the first night when he couldn’t suck, now we’re getting better at breastfeeding as well.”

Long labour, epidural which worked perfectly on me, apart from really bad shaking after the birth, and finally this little baby screaming, covered in blood and immediately put on my chest to hold and protect and love… I was still there, with lots of doctors suddenly interested in me, trying to stop the haemorrhage and suture the tears, and my heart was melting just like now every time I look at his tiny face and touch is delicate skin.

A year ago we were preparing for the IVF treatment, telling only our closest friends, sad and hopeful at the same time, and now he is here and our life has completely turned on its axis and we’re in love, more than ever, L and I and Pallino. Thank God.

A week has passed and I feel better, I’ve been taking antibiotics and pain killers until yesterday and I’m getting stronger now. The haemorrhoids unfortunately are still quite bad and the stitches are uncomfortable, but overall I’ve recovered pretty well.

Time to feed him now… So long, my friends! Hopefully I’ll be able to write another post in the next few days πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “My little Prince

  1. Congratulazioni!! Sono proprio felice di leggere il tuo post, e’ stata dura ma ora inizia la parte migliore ❀ vi auguro tanta felicita'. Benvenuto piccolo Pallino.

    • It certainly is… And it’s wonderful how he calms down as soon as I pick him up… Like the connection is always there! Easier to say with daylight, but… πŸ˜‰

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