Brand new life

We managed to have lunch together today!
Yes, life has been quite hectic so far… My lunch generally takes 5 minutes while L changes a nappy and then I keep Pallino and L gets his 5 minutes lunch. But today we left just after a feed and we had 2 hours for us! Pallino was sleeping like an angel, so we went out for lunch and a short walk; he didn’t wake up until we went home.
He’s feeding every 2 to 3 hours. The time between feeds is spent cuddling him if he’s upset, changing nappies, sleeping, eating or going out, but this is rarer since I get tired easily… L is trying to take me out every day, even for a few minutes, which is good.
I also went for a coffee with my mum-to-be friends last week, but when I tried again, the time we agreed coincided with a feed and I ended up at home.  I’m not happy to breadfeed in public yet, because sometimes it hurts and I’d rather be at home with my chair and pillows, and also because every feed lasts 45 minutes to an hour (not continuously, he stops every 5-10 minutes and needs to burp, or a nappy change, or he falls asleep) and I don’t like the idea of staying in a chair in a coffee bar or similar for an hour… Hopefully Pallino will become faster in the future and I’ll feel more confident going out!

Apart from these practical details and the tiredness… He’s the sweetest little angel and I love to hold him and sometimes we sleep together…
L is helping me a lot, especially when I’m too tired after feeding the little one in the evening and night. He’s taken another week off work to stay with me until my parents come, bless him! But I can see he needs to see more people, he’s suffering all this time at home… I don’t feel like going out much because I’m still recovering and I have to feed the baby, but for him it’s different, he wants to stay with me to help, but also needs to have some social life or he’ll go mad… Anyway, it’s good to be together and he’ll be back at work soon. I just hope I’ll manage well by myself!
Here’s a pic of the cutest feet ever… I can’t believe almost three weeks have passed! He’s put on about 600 g already…



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