Me time #1

I haven’t lost a gram this week, according to the Wii at least. I must admit I was hoping to lose weight quite naturally and quickly, because in all my life I never had to watch what I was eating or keep an eye on my weight… One can dream!
But now I have to admit that almost a month has passed and I don’t have anything that fits me. I’m +7 kg on my initial weight and, according to the Wii, +12 on my ideal one. Forget the ideal, I still have some way to go.
The thing is, yesterday I went to this shop to buy some skirts and I didn’t recognise my reflection in the fitting rooms. It has never happened before and I didn’t like it. I can’t really start a diet or exercise properly now though, I’m bound to a breastfeeding chair for hours on end and don’t sleep properly…
So today after measuring my weight, I used the Wii to jog for 10 minutes while Pallino was sleeping. I was tired, but it felt good.


2 thoughts on “Me time #1

  1. You’re so committed! I’ve never been determined about weight, but after my pregnancy I should have been. Now I’m still 8KG (KG!) over my ideal and all my old clothes are in a luggage 😦 But everyone has told me that it takes about a year to lose the belly (after the uterus returns at its dimension). What it bothers to me the most is that month after month my body shape turns completely different, so, you know? Keep up with your body workout!! 🙂

    • A year, I know… And 10 min jogging at home won’t make a difference I guess… But maybe it can help ease my backache after sitting for so many hours! 🙂

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