On my own

First day back at work for L. Actually, he already went to the office on Friday afternoon, and worked until 2 am on Saturday and Sunday night (after I’ve gone to sleep a bit)… but officially he’s gone back to work today. I was nervous about being alone at home with Pallino for the first time. We had a quiet morning, Pallino ate every two hours and I didn’t do much in between feeds… however at lunch time I managed to go out and meet a friend with her baby 🙂 We had a nice lunch together and then I went back home in time for the next feed.

In the meantime, my parents have arrived from Italy, and are checking in at the hotel. We’ll see each other tonight, for dinner I suppose. And tomorrow is another day. How is this summer going to pass?

I’ve been keeping Pallino in the Baby Bjorn – he likes it and I can move around the house with my hands free, however it’s a bit tiring. It’s amazing how he changes every day, he’s a bit more alert and his eyes are a bit sharper; and he put on a kg from birth already! Everyone says we have to enjoy these first weeks with the baby, but I’m also so curious about his personality and I’m looking forward to being able to play with him!!

He’s crying now… gotta go!

PS. no jogging today… :S


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