On his Christening and all the rest

We christened Pallino yesterday! I was anxious, thinking that I would never be able to cope with the tiredness, the visitors, the early start (Mass was at a time when we usually sleep)… but I did.
It was a small but significant party, with a few relatives and some friends, including the mums from the antenatal group. Considering that it was a mid-week morning, I’m so happy they all made it…
Also, and it’s what really made the difference, I loved the service: Mass was celebrated in a small chapel, since it was only for a few people, and the priest customised everything for us, even read the prayers in Latin, which made it easier for us Italians to follow – our parents don’t speak English, and even if they don’t really know all the prayers in Latin, it is close enough to Italian to make them follow easily. It felt intimate and loving, and made it all worthwhile.

After the service we went to the pub and had some food and a lovely chocolate cake šŸ™‚ Our relatives were firing pictures at Pallino, who was asleep, like their lives depended on it, until I was upset and he awoke… Luckily they also stayed with him until we went home, so I was able to enjoy the party for a hour or so. After that I was really tired, another feed was due and we sent everyone home… I haven’t managed to rest all day though, I was too excited!

Before I close this post I want to write a quick update on Pallino (I should write another post, but I bet I won’t find the time for days, so let’s take advantage of this time now…).Ā  He’s still feeding every 1.5-2 hours, with a few 3 hours intervals from time to time. This is not enough for me to rest, so I’m a wreck most of the time. However, my parents have been with me in the past week and they encouraged me to go out and try and breastfeed out of the house, which I did. I discovered the ‘parents room’Ā  in the shopping centres and was able to spend a few hours outside. It wouldn’t be easy to do it by myself, but I certainly enjoyed the change.
Now L’s parents are keeping me company during the day, and they are much more quiet – they like staying home, cooking and letting me sleep, so next week it’s going to be a quiet one.
Honestly, I enjoy the company and their help, but I’m also looking forward to being alone with Pallino and start seeing my friends and their babies… I feel a bit jealous of the time they spend with my little one…
About Pallino: he’s 5 weeks old and he’s looking around with big intelligent eyes, just like his mother’s (eheh) and now he can lift his head much more strongly. Oh, and did I mention he’s the cutest baby ever? šŸ˜‰


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