Three is a crowd

Another week with visitors – my in-laws… I know I’m going to miss them at some point, but now I’m getting quite fed up with having people around all the time… Not that anything bad happened, it’s just that I don’t have control on anything – mind you, it’s exactly why they’re here: making sure I rest and eat properly and look after the baby while I’m doing it. However now I’m feeling better (because of their help?) and I’d like to look after Pallino and my flat by myself! On top of that, L is working until 7.30-8pm every day and I go to bed (or try to) after 9pm, which means I’m spending the whole day with his parents and I don’t even get to see him…

So all the better that they’re going on Saturday morning and I’ll be on my own from next week; and I hope I’ll be able to manage just as well đŸ™‚

Good, I needed to let it out…


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