First immunisation and progress so far

I’ve been looking forward to being able to write something with my new laptop, but obviously Pallino didn’t share my opinion… anyway, Windows 8 and a touchscreen are amazing!

Today we went for the first immunisation; he cried a bit after the injections (two, in his thighs, poor little angel…), but he was fine after a few seconds; now he might have some temperature and be irritable… more than he already is, due to the hot weather. This month is particularly hot for England: yesterday we had 30 degrees! and we’re not ready to cope with this weather… everything is optimised for the rain here… and little babies get thirsty and want to drink all the time; for a breastfeeding mum… guess what it means.

I’d like to record his and my progress so far:

– he’s 8 weeks old; I don’t have length and weight today, but at 6 weeks he was in the 90th and 75th percentile respectively (which means that, for example, in a row of 100 children in order from the shortest to the tallest, he would be the 90th.)

– he’s starting to interact with toys and rattles, staring at them and sometimes punching them with his little fists; he plays with them for a few minutes on his own before crying when he’s alone; 

– he’s making very cute sounds (my favourite is when he sneezes and then he goes “ohhhh”);

– he smiles, a bit randomly still, but he’s getting there :)

– he keeps his head fairly still when he’s on the baby carrier, and he prefers to look outward;

– he doesn’t like to sleep in his cot, much better in mum’s arms…

– he’s feeding every 2 to 3 hours, for 10 to 20 minutes (no routines here…)

And me:

– I’ve almost completely recovered from the birth;

– I still have 6 kg more compared to my pre-pregnancy weight; I used to be a size 12, now I’m 14-16…

– breastfeeding is easier now, no sore nipples and no engorgement; I haven’t managed to express and use the bottle to have more freedom, but I should try…

– I’m keeping fairly busy, but I miss L and sometimes we get snappy at each other in the evenings because we’re both tired and our life is so different right now;

– my back and arms ache;

– I’m totally in love with the little one.

And now I should go and check on him…



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