Me time #2

L is reading a story to Pallino (who is wide awake and doesn’t seem willing to sleep at all, at 11pm), so I can write a bit, hopefully…

Yesterday I went to the park to have a pic-nic with my friends and their babies, and we spent a few hours there on the grass with a drink, crisps and chocolates, chatting about our babies, feeds and so on… it was really nice, although I had to feed Pallino and sitting on the grass was quite uncomfortable. There is such a big difference between breastfeeding and bottle feeding… those who are bottle feeding can sleep and leave their babies with their families from time to time, while for me that would be impossible, and sleeping through the night seems like a dream… anyway, I titled this post ‘Me time’ because it felt good to be able to go out with friends and enjoy the good weather in a park, even if the main topic of conversation was still babies!

And today I took Pallino to my office: my colleagues were so happy to coo him and hold him a bit, and he was good for quite a while; for me it was strange to be there, where life has gone on as usual in the last three months, while for me everything is different. I felt a bit overwhelmed, but it was nice to see them. I wonder what will be like to come back: I imagine I’ll be worried to leave the baby at the nursery and at the same time I’ll have the pressure to catch up with work, plus all the practical issues like taking him to the nursery in the morning and picking him up in the evening, and trying to sleep at night… Time is really flying and all this is going to happen so soon!

One of my colleagues suggested that I go back part-time, which is something I was thinking about already, even four days a week, and also that I should consider taking another month or two when time comes. I have to give two month notice before going back, so that would be at the end of September if I want to go to work in December – or not go yet.

The story is finished and Pallino is still awake… let’s see if mum can do something about it……


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