Travelling with the baby

We made it! Our first weekend abroad with baby has gone quite well 🙂

He fed and slept on the plane without any problem. It was only a short flight, to Stuttgart, a city I have never visited before and I found very nice, although we’ve seen only a very small part of it. We were there for my friends’ wedding: the service was in Stuttgart in the morning and the reception in a village nearby in the afternoon/evening. We managed to go to the service but had to skip the afternoon (which was all about cakes I’m afraid) to try and sleep a bit in the hotel to recover from a sleepless night. Sleepless not because of the baby, but the noise from the highway and the heat! Anyway, after an hour sleep I was feeling much better and the dinner was great, I was  over the moon to be able to see my friends again and just be there on that day! We’ve been friends (with him) for about 15 years and he was in London when he met her and they fell in love, so I knew the whole story in detail… and like a fairy tale, she went back to Germany, her home Country, and he left the UK, found a good job there and now they’re married.

Back to travelling with a baby… it was actually easier than I thought, but very tiring for me – I would never have made it before 6 weeks from birth, because I had to breastfeed him at any time in any place and only now I’m confident enough that I can do that. Also, we should have investigated some things in advance but we haven’t, like the access to the hotel room: there was a flight of stairs and we had to lift the carrycot… I was with L, so we managed, but had I been on my own, I would have been in trouble! I was positively surprised by the accessibility at the train stations: we found lift everywhere, while a bad point goes to the local taxi company, which didn’t have car seats. We solved the problem by renting a car with a car seat, but that comes with other issues, like waiting for the car at the arrival and having to get to the airport in advance to return it before leaving. Longer times mean more problems in terms of feeds and tiredness, which is why everyone says it’s important to plan in advance when travelling with babies, I suppose.



2 thoughts on “Travelling with the baby

  1. nice:)
    on one hand it is easier to travel when they are so young. Pistacchio is 17 months now, we are meditating if having a quite big travel in the next weeks and we are not sure.

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