Unexpected gift

The plan was simple: leave the house, go to the post office, get that parcel that yesterday the postman tried to deliver when I was under the shower, return those trousers I bought in the wrong size and go back home.

Reality was: go to the pub for lunch, return trousers, back home. Or rather…

…I left the flat with Pallino screaming in my arms [note that we live in a first floor flat, and I can’t take the pram up the stairs, so I leave it downstairs in the garage or in the boot of the car. It was in the garage today]. We got to the car and left.

I didn’t take the base of the pram from the garage.

How could I have a child in my arms AND pick up a parcel from the post office? By the way, the parcel is our new printer, so it’s going to be a big and possibly heavy parcel. I went back home and picked up the pram, then drove back to the post office and parked in a pay and display car park nearby.

I didn’t have any cash to pay for the car park.

Put Pallino in the pram, went looking for a cash machine. As it happens in these cases, the closest one was out of service, so I had to walk a bit further to find one. Then bought something stupid to get some change and back to the car park to pay. Pallino was sleeping at that point, luckily. I was finally able to reach the post office.

It closed twenty minutes earlier.

I had paid an hour of parking and the baby was still sleeping, so… there was that pub which offers a free drink to ‘yummy mummies’ on Wednesdays and it was lunch time!

And that’s the story of how I ended up having lunch by myself in a pub with a sleeping child on a Wednesday.

Next to my table there was a collection of books, like the ones you find in old second hand bookshops, with dusty hardback covers, and being a book lover in distress, this simple fact comforted me. I picked one up and read the beginning. It was titled “Escape to the sea” which somehow I could relate to… It was the story of a guy born in Latvia at the beginning of the last century. He was against the war, but Latvia at the time was under the Russian occupation, so he escaped… to Germany and then, when things got even worse there, to Australia, where he put together a farm and married a girl who didn’t love him and was always unhappy. And finally ended up sailing all around the globe on his own, but I don’t know how that happened, I didn’t get that far in the story! I liked the way it was written, simple and thoughtful…. A small unexpected gift.


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