Back to Devon

Last weekend we went back to Devon. It was my last short holiday before Pallino’s birth and the first after! It was so good to change scenery for a few days without going too far away or for too long, and we went to the same resort as last time… I was worried about the car journey (it was almost 200 miles), but Pallino slept basically all the way – we stopped midway for lunch, to feed him and stretch our legs a bit, and he fell asleep again afterwards.

Highlights of the weekend are: our friends who live in Devon had their baby about a month before us and we got to see them and their lovely baby girl; we took Pallino swimming for the first time! he loved it, and didn’t cry at all when we dried him, like he does after the bath at home…

[I still haven’t understood what’s wrong at home; I guess it’s something to do with the difference between the water and air temperatures, but I don’t know how to make the experience better at home… We keep the water temperature around 35 C and keep the door and window closed so that the bathroom is warm during his bath. After that we cover him with a large towel and wait a bit before taking him to his room to dress him (our bathroom is too small to do it there), but generally he starts crying well before we leave the bathroom. In the swimming pool the water was cooler but the air was much warmer – maybe we should use a lower temperature for the water?]

We had good weather on Saturday, which allowed us to go for a walk in town with our friends. it was great to see and smell the sea… living close to a river is good, but the sea is a different matter…  I know, I repeat myself 😛

Sunday was windy and rainy, so we stayed in the resort most of the time, enjoying the pool and the restaurants, but especially I had 10 minutes in the pool by myself, and I loved the freedom… and then it was time to come home already…

Well, it made me more confident that we can enjoy our holiday in a few weeks time, and take Pallino to the sea as well. And now he’s crying so I’ve got to go…


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